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The Mill

A mill town is a settlement that developed around mills or factories. After the Civil War during Reconstruction, mill towns were an integral part of North Carolina and South Carolina's economy.

Life in the towns centered on community. The families socialized and maintained their own small farms, looking to each other to help provide food. The mills offered clubs, nurseries, and sport teams.

The sense of community may have been forced to keep people loyal to the mill, but one thing is for certain... they worked together to create a better life. defines The Mill as all the towns within a 50 mile radius from Fort Mill, South Carolina. Stretching across the stateline allows you a greater opportunity to be a Localist by shopping, eating, and discovering what our Mill Towns have to offer.

The Mill Map
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Helping YOU Be A Localist

Building Real Prosperity

What is a Localist?

Being a localist is more than buying local. It is the idea that neighbors come together to ensure the prosperity of their community. connects customers to businesses that are locally owned, rethinking their industries, sourcing locally, and providing local services.

When we support our locally owned stores, our hard earned dollars go back into the community.

The farmer buys lunch at a local restaurant. The restaurant server pays for her daughter's dance class. The dance instructor buys clothes from the boutique. The boutique owner buys food at the farmers market. The farmer reinvests that money to grow more food.

The more we spend here; the more stays here.


1. The Mill is full of amazing people wanting to build an amazing community.

2. You will never discover all the amazing things by yourself.

3. You will want to share the amazing things you discover.

4. Everything is more amazing when it comes with a story.

We are here to help you share those stories, make discoveries, and connect with businesses you will love.

Shop. Eat. Discover.